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“Are you looking for a stable, reliable, guaranteed weekly income? Expert Trade offers a range of options to make the most off your investment. Get involved to discover the power of trading.”

Hedgeplus Finance is a binary options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency broker, fully regulated and governed by the European MiFID regulations. Hedgeplus Finance is an online financial trading platform, offering its services in over a dozen languages and providing live support 24/7 by employees with years of experience in this field.

For today's Forex traders, this means that they need no longer feel Forex-deprived because of short balances, or lack of access to the global exchange market.

What are the risks and guarantees for your customers ?

There are risks in Trading all assets, that is exactly why there is Expert Trade , all trade risk are borne by us, if there is any loss that stalls the trading,the Investor will be Refunded his Capital.

What are the payment systems you operates with ?

Are my funds at risk in case of Insolvency/Bankruptcy ?

No, we have a Backup account holding funds in Relation to the amount of invested funds, though we are confident of a foul proof trading technique ,we will not claim to be perfect and that is why we offer an assurance to return 100% of investors Capital if there is any issue.

When can I withdraw my profit ? When can I withdraw my profit ?

You can withdraw your profit from all of our investment plans once the trading period of such package elapses. You can also accumulate your profit to your desired amount till withdrawal. Always ensure to be in contact with your account manager. Also, our support is always available if assistance or enquiries needed.

Why People AreChoosing Hedgeplus Finance


Scale economy through decentralization leading to significant decrease in transaction fees


Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments


With trained and experienced support staffs, all your queries are just one click away from getting answered. Our support team provides 24/7 support and assistance to customers.


Using state-of-the art servers, we have guarded our servers with high-end SSL technology and the latest DDoS Guard to protect against attacks.


With an array of payment methods provided by the platform, you get multiple options to make payments and receive payouts.


Earning has never been this easy. Whether you are making payments or making payouts or you are simply checking up on your investments, navigating the platform is seamless and easy.